Whereupon I intermittently complain about my
programming difficulties and offer little help to anyone.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Better still.

Switched to Georgia serif family. Hit the road Trebuchet!
Post titles are still Verdana, and they'll stay that way for now.


"About Me" section gone. I didn't care for the description either. A little bit more template editing and we'll be there.

Getting better.

It's getting better, but I'm still not loving it. The CSS is a little dense (read: more complex than I'm used to) and I'd like to shrink down or remove the "About Me" section as it's ugly and unnecessary to me. I'll delve into that at another time.

Yuck. Default is ugly.

This thing is huge. You will not need glasses. Not yet anyway. I've got some CSS editing to do.

Learning to blog.

This is the first attempt at incorporating a blog into a web page that is hosted elsewhere. We'll see how this works so that I can add this to my bag of programming tricks. No comments for this one.